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Rider Safety Course Experience Hot

A motorcycle safety course

The rider safety course I enrolled in had a female and a male instructor; this helped ease my nerves. I was sure the female rider would sympathize with my timid approach to street bikes.

The course was held over two weekends, and would equate to 15 hours of instruction time. There was a classroom section and a hands on riding section. At the end of the course I would be tested on my knowledge and riding ability.

If I successfully passed the exams I would obtain a Motorcycle Safety Foundation card that would waive the state requirement for the written and riding exam, resulting in legally obtaining my motorcycle endorsement for my drivers license.

The Classroom

The first five hours of the course is a classroom setting. The five hours were divided into two evening classes. I took the course with approximately ten other individuals, and several of them were fellow female riders.

During the classroom setting we progressed through a workbook, watch videos, and held discussions. We covered topics such different types of motorcycles, riding gear and the benefits of them, affects of alcohol use, motorcycle controls and what their functions are, proper maintenance, and different scenarios that I may encounter and how to handle them.

An exam was given to us at the end of each evening to ensure I enhanced my riding knowledge. I had to obtain a score of 80% or better on the written exams. I passed with flying colors, and was able to move forward to the next portion of the course.

Getting On The Bike

The next part of the course was held the following weekend, and it was time to get on a motorcycle for some hands on training. The company provided the motorcycles and the helmets, however I had to come equipped with long sleeves, long pants, full finger gloves, over the ankle boots, and eye protection.

The first day I learned how to mount and dismount the bike properly, how to start and stop/shutdown properly, throttle control, braking, shifting, and corning. The instructors demonstrated everything well and were patient with everyone in the course. They spent extra time on topics that seemed challenging for the class as a whole. At the end of the first day I was feeling more confident and eager to come back.

The Exam

The final day of the course, proved to be just as fun and exciting. I learned more about corning, how to maneuver in a small space, and how to properly avoid road hazards. We then conducted a practice run for the exam, and then jumped right into the real thing. The riding portion consisted of four exercises, which we had previously practiced. To pass the riding portion we could not earn more than 20 penalty points.

I passed the riding portion with flying colors, and left the course feeling proud and excited to get on my own bike to test my newly learned skills! My husband accompanied me on this riding course adventure, and completed the course with new knowledge of riding and safety techniques, even after riding for several years.

The course I completed was the basic rider course, there are also experienced rider courses, scooter courses, seasoned rider courses, etc. I am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge in the experienced rider course. I would highly recommend a rider safety course, even for the most seasoned rider, it never hurts to educate and to drop bad habits.

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