Reviews 2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review

2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review Hot

2012 Ducati Monster 696

Jan Plessner on the 2012 Ducati Monster 696
Photo © DeAnna Howe Rice

2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review
2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review
2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review

Motorcycle Info

Engine Size
696 cc
359 lbs
Seat Height
Black, White, Custom

2012 Ducati Monster 696: A Lover and a Fighter

The 2012 Ducati Monster 696 is a naked-style sport bike. Built with extreme attention to detail, this Italian beauty first came on scene in 1992. The Ducati Monster immediately created a new niche.

Dramatically styled, minimalist in stature yet packed full of innovating engineering solutions, the 2012 Ducati Monster 696 and its earlier predecessors inspired the aftermarket industry to create all sorts of parts for this legendary machine. This is why you rarely see two Monsters exactly alike.

When you choose to ride the Monster, you are not just choosing a motorcycle. You are choosing to be a part of the Ducati lifestyle and family.

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2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review
2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review
2012 Ducati Monster 696 Review

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2012 Ducati Monster 696 Reviewed by Jan Plessner   

#1 Reviewer   -   View all my reviews    Written: July 16, 2012 | Last updated: July 24, 2012
Overall rating 
Rider Comfort 
Power Feel 
Handling & Shifting 
Features & Controls 
Confidence Inspiring 

Pros & Cons

1. Deep & rich exhaust tone
2. Plenty of power to please
3. Sexy Italian beauty turns heads
1. Self-canceling blinkers would be nice
2. Low fuel warning light nice, but fuel gauge is nicer

2012 Ducati Monster 696: Less is More

If you are looking for a great performing mid-size sportbike in a bright red package that will get you noticed and offer you loads of fun and good times, then the Ducati Monster 696 should be on your short list.

I absolutely love how this bike looks and feels. As soon as I climbed aboard, I could sense the Italian love, pride and passion. When you turn over the key and look down to see the national colors on the gas tank, you just instantly feel a part of the Ducati family.

Rating Details

Rider Comfort
The Ducati riding position is one of confidence and readiness. One of the things I noticed on my first time out was the width and position of the bars. It felt completely different from any other motorcycle I had ever ridden. And I loved it.I liked the adjustable levers, too.
Power Feel & Engine
I like the power, acceleration and sexy style if this bike. It was great to have all that “Monster” power and all those gears. I never once found myself searching for another gear. It was more like, "Oh crap, there's still more here?" This bike was fun on the freeways at speed and even more fun on the twisty canyon roads.
Handling & Shifting
This bike feels stable at higher speeds. I like the compact feel of the bike, but never felt cramped.. The drive train didn't feel quite as sorted as some of the other bikes I have ridden. I had a little trouble finding neutral a few times, but I might just need a more time to get used to the new feel.
Features & Controls
When you are on the Monster 696 and in your confident, head's up riding position, you don't actually see much of the bike. Some people prefer to have a lot of machine out front. I had always thought I preferred that too. Some bikes come with all sorts of fairings and those front fairings never really leave your line of sight as you ride. On the Monster, I realized early on that when I was cruising down the street, it felt like I was a human with flying privileges. The pieces and parts of the bike are under you and behind you leaving the road and the world just ahead.
This bike is a looker and turns a lot of heads. I saw it happen everywhere I went. It’s not just a motorcycle. It is a piece of art. From the sparkling headlight all the way back to the tail section, every detail was addressed with care.
Confidence Inspiring
I could sit on the bike flat footed and back it up with confidence while seated. This may not be a big deal for you, but for me, this is a rare and wonderful feeling. The Monster's tank is narrow and can easily be squeezed when accelerating aggressively. I know this phrase is totally overused, but I did feel "one with the bike." We were a team. I wasn't riding it. It wasn't riding me. We were just riding.
With a price tag of $8795, this bike has the potential to keep you entertained for decades. It’s a pleasure to ride while cruising and even more fun to get on the throttle. I loved the sound of the engine, the responsiveness of the motor and how completely in tune I felt while riding. It’s a beautiful bike and I can’t wait to ride another Ducati.

Attention to Detail is Key

When you climb aboard a 2012 Ducati Monster 696, you are not just experiencing a motorcycle, you are choosing to part of an amazing lifestyle and heritage of an Italian icon.

Ducati engineers did not skimp or turn a blind eye to one detail on this motorcycle. From the more compact new crankcases to the stylish exhaust system, this bike makes a striking statement.

The Monster engine is developed for an incredibly flexible power delivery and enough torque to exit the most challenging of corners.
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