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Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert? Hot

Riding in the Desert

Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?
Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?
Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?

There are a lot of reasons why women enjoy riding dirt bikes in the desert. In fact, the list of reasons why women love motorcycling in the desert is as diverse as the women themselves.

Advantages of Riding in the Desert

Off-road riding in the desert comes with several unexpected benefits:

  • You don’t need to be a professional.
  • Speeds are relatively slow -- and most importantly, slop counts.
  • Perfection need not apply here.
  • It’s okay to slide around and lose your traction; in fact, sliding around is a part of the fun!
  • Riding on dirt and sand will make you a much more confident street rider.

It doesn’t matter what you look like on or off the bike or what anybody thinks. It’s just about you, the scenery, the fresh air, an abundance of natural terrain, and twisting a throttle to be transported from one unique backdrop to another. Sometimes it feels like you are on a movie set. Some of the landscape is just so intense, it seems surreal.


There are so many different reasons to head for a desert motorcycle adventure. I recently talked with a group of female desert riders to find out what they get out of their time in the sand.

Chasity, 36, Dental Industry Executive, Honda 400 ATV

“I grew up riding four-wheelers in Georgia. After I moved to San Diego and came out to the desert one time, I fell in love with it. It’s a huge adrenalin rush. I do better on the technical stuff when someone tells me what gear to be in, especially on the hill climbs. Every ride is an adventure and I’m addicted!”


Tammie, 43, Information Technology Engineer, Honda CRF250

“I ride to get away. Even if we can’t ride because of the wind, we still enjoy being away from home. I love the camaraderie. We don’t get to see this group of friends very often, so desert trips mean a chance to visit and catch up with the people you care about.”

“An RV is the way to go. You can get a used RV for $5,000 and be set. That’s what we did our first season. Just get what you can afford and have fun with it.”


Emily, 37, Vehicle Operations, Kawasaki KX250F

"I had stage 2 colorectal cancer over a year ago and thinking about our desert trips helped get me through the radiation and chemo. I end up leading the group a lot and that's fun, too. I especially like the sand when it's fresh and smooth. I can pick up the speed when it's smooth."


Jan, 48, Editor, LadyMoto.com, Kawasaki KX250F

“I am a first-generation motorcyclist and self-proclaimed late bloomer. I love sharing the desert with future generations and covering a lot of miles when we ride. I need the exercise and I feel more fit after a super long ride. The sunsets are spectacular and s’mores at the campfire the best.”


Lisa, 48, U.S. Mail Carrier, Yamaha 350cc Warrior ATV

"It's just great to get out here with all our friends. We bring our dog Stella. It's a great place to relax, catch up with friends and get a workout, all at the same time."


Diahann, 43, Inventory Management, Honda 450 ATV

"It's just fun. I celebrated my 40th birthday out here and tried to jump the campfire. That was not fun. I cleared the fire, but sprained my ankle on the landing. We ride as a group usually and stop and at all the cool lookouts for a snack and to hydrate. I'll be coming out here as long as I'm able. It's just a part of who I am."


Heather, 39, Grocery Store Manager, Honda 450cc ATV

“I love the rides, campfires and spending time with my daughter and our friends. My brother and his family come out here, too, so sometimes we have as many as 40 people in our camp. On New Year's last year we had a midnight softball game. It was wild.”


Carlee, 15, High School Student, Honda CRF230 trail bike

“I love my Honda dirt bike. I like the smell of my clothes after the desert and the adrenaline of going fast. Spending time with my Mom is cool, too. We both love it.”


Dani, 46, Pharmaceutical Executive, Honda CRF250R

“I have been riding since I was six and love it. My favorite parts are the long rides, fireside chats and spending time with my friends, better known as my “dirt family.”


Karla, 42, San Diego Sheriff’s Dept., Honda CRF250R

"I've got a serious job and I work a lot of hours. When I'm out here I can relax, ride hard, sit by the camp fire and enjoy our friends. I've been riding for a while and this is my favorite way to enjoy motorcycles. And sometimes, I'll stay back while the group heads out, just to sit and listen to the quiet."


Cresta, 38, National Hotel Executive, Kawasaki KSF450 ATV

“My favorites are long rides in sandy washes and catching up with our friends. We all live such busy lives. Here everything settles down and we all relax. It's hard to go back to reality when the weekend is over sometimes, but the next trip is usually not too far away.”


Michelle, 49, Sixth Grade Teacher, Suzuki RMZ250 and Kawasaki Teryx

“I can’t think of a better way to spend quality time with my kids. They love it just as much as I do.”


Dawn, 41, Transportation and Warehouse Management, Yamaha YZ450F

“Riding in the California desert is nothing like the stuff I grew up riding in North Carolina. There are some challenging trails out here and plenty of natural obstacles you need to watch out for. Believe me, I learned the hard way to watch for them.”


Nicolette, 10, Elementary School Student, youth ATV

“I like going on big rides.”

Desert Riding

For those who have never ridden on knobby tires in the desert, this landscape can conjure up visions of barren empty land, dry sand, tumbleweeds, thirst and even death. But when you have a motorcycle or other desert vehicle at your disposal, the desert is suddenly transformed into a massive natural amusement park with endless rides and no lines.

Some women refer to desert riding as "a slice of heaven." Some love the feeling of floating on top of virgin smooth sand after a windstorm and a little rain. Others talk about how awesome it is to follow a group of friends through a moonscape trail decorated with rocks, huge boulders and hills. It feels like follow the leader, but your heart is pumping and your eyes are wide open the the entire time.

So many women have never had a chance to experience this. It is one of the best keep secrets of motorcycling. Cruising along the off-road desert trails and exploring new terrain can be a life changing experience. When the wild flowers are in bloom, there are so many colors out there. It's just so beautiful.

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Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?
Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?
Why Do Women Ride Motorcycles in the Desert?

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