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Name: Jenn Jaynes

Location: La Habra, California

Profession: Sportbike shop business owner, M1 SportRiders

Bikes Owned: 2003 Kawasaki ZX-6R, 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Favorite Bike: 2005 Kawasaki ZX-6R

Dream Bike: Currently 100% satisfied with my ride

Editor's Notes: Jenn eats, sleeps, works and dreams about sportbikes. If you have talented sportbike riders in your area that are pushing it a little too hard on the local twisties, Jenn can tell you how to encourage them to take it to the track. Jenn hopes to meet Pro AMA Racer Melissa Paris some day soon. I think a So Cal sportbike lunch is in order.

Why do you ride?
I ride for the freedom, the wind in my face, the feeling of my knee scraping the pavement and the adrenaline rush.

How would you describe a perfect day on the bike?
Any day on the track is a perfect day.

What are you doing when you are at work?
I am in the shop getting my hands dirty and encouraging more customers to get on the track. I love explaining the adrenaline rush to riders that have yet to experience the track. No cops, no cars, and no potholes…just you and your bike, dancing turn by turn all around the raceway.

How do you spend your time away from the shop or track?
You can find us at home riding bicycles with the kids. We like to spend Sunday afternoons B-B-Qing with the family and some of our track riders.

Who inspires you?
A lot of the people that inspire me to be a better rider are local to me. My friend Rachael is fast, knowledgeable and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. When we are on the track together, I feel watching her and taking her advice is making me a better, faster and safer rider. Gina from TrackXperience is also a great woman.

I love riding with her, playing cat and mouse all around the track. Melissa Paris is just an all around inspiration. She has accomplished so much and put women in the professional scene.

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Jenn Jaynes Profile
Jenn Jaynes Profile
Jenn Jaynes Profile
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