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Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel Hot

Icon Airframe Helmet - Street Angel

Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel
Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel
Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel

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Icon Airframe Helmet Street Angel
Airframe Street Angel
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Street Angel

Icon positions their Airframe helmet as a top of the line product that meets the highest quality and safety standards in the world. The helmet is fitted with Icon’s new Proshield. This locking shield is available in a variety of tinted sytles with side plates for more graphic real estate.

The HydraDry moisture wicking material used for the interior comfort liner and extensive venting system combine to produce a very well ventilated and comfortable helmet.

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Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel
Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel
Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel

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Icon Airframe Helmet Review - Street Angel 2012-07-13 19:22:26 Jan Plessner
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Reviewed by Jan Plessner    July 13, 2012
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Unquestionably Feminine, but Accented with an Edge

For a mid-priced helmet, I really liked how the Icon Airframe Angel looked right out of the box. The design is sweet and the helmet feels light, yet solid.

It took me a few rides to remember that in order to open the faceshield, you need to use your left hand. There is no tab on the right. For some reason, I would be downshifting to a stop and holding in the clutch with my left hand exactly when I wanted to reach up and open the helmet with my right. Once I retrained my brain, all was fine.

The helmet is relatively quiet and super comfortable. As marketed, it does ventilate well. Even on the hottest summer afternoon, it didn’t fog up or feel stuffy.

The shield is super clear and distortion free. I really like the Prolock shield system. It’s a tiny little chrome-colored peg on the top of the left side of the chin bar that lets you snap in the face shield when you want to lock it down. It’s easy to release by simply pulling up on the tab when you open the shield. This is the first time I have used this system and I liked it. There is no guessing as to whether or not the shield is all the way down and absolutely no way it will pop open later as your speed increases.

I used this helmet for a half-day photo shoot and while I liked some of the images, I thought I looked like a bobblehead in others. I think in this helmet I might be between a size small and extra small and that would explain why the helmet looked like it was resgin on my head at a funky angle in some of the pictures. Or it just might be the shape of the helmet. It looks to me like the helmet in general is a little larger than others. I would not have realized this if I hadn’t had 50 pictures to review after the ride.

I didn’t feel any buffeting at moderate highway speeds, even on a power cruiser that offered no windscreen. Icon says the rear spoiler reduces buffeting and I would have to say it worked.

I appreciate the branded Street Angel soft helmet bag and shield cleaning kit that came standard with the helmet. The bottle and soft cloth is just the right size to pack along on rides. Thank you Icon for remembering I don’t like looking through a buggy faceshield.

The Icon Airframe Street Angel is available in black or pink. If you want to scream “I am Woman!” my all means, pick the pink. If you are looking to be a little more inconspicuous, but equally just as cool, the black with white graphics and a little red heart on the back is for you (and me). The suggested MSRP is $330.

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