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Passed by a Chick: Christie Cooley, Motorcycle Racer Hot

Christie Cooley is Chased by All the Boys

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Christie Cooley had a "vague notion," as she put it, that she wanted to be a chic who knew how to ride a motorcycle. When Christie found out that her "bad ass" college-aged niece was getting her motorcycle license, it pushed her off the sofa. Christie signed up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation class that day and she received her license in March of 2006.

Christie Cooley tells us: "It only begins with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Course. From there, talk to people, listen to people. If they've crashed, find out why. If you're a woman, charge up your bullshit detector, because a lot of dudes will have a lot of advice for you, and half of them don't know what the hell they're talking about, but like to sound macho and manly."

Christie Cooley's First Motorcycles

Her first whip was a Suzuki SV650S. After carving up the twisties in the mountains for a few months, Christie Cooley was ready for a faster bike. However, at the same time Christie had her eye on a Pave diamond ring that she 'scoped' in a Tiffany display case. If you don't know what a Pave diamond is, it's chill because I had to Google it myself, I had no clue.

This shows that Christie is different from many motorsports chics' in that she still has a feminine side. Christie decided not to buy the ring, though, and chose instead to dive head first into the thrilling world of track toy investments. Soon she realized the difference between a one-time investment like the purchase of a ring and the seemingly endless, bottomless pit costs of engines, parts, fuel and tires.

Christie Cooley's First Motorcycle Accident

Soon afterwards, Christie purchased a packet of track day passes and attended some novice rider sessions. Christie's first mishap came in April of 2007 when she crashed a dirt bike at the Freddie Spencer racing school in Las, Vegas. She had waited months to enjoy this birthday present that she bought herself, even though in pain, she was determined to endured the final day of riding & instruction.

Surgery on her back came the following week to repair the damaged disc, which put her out of commission for six weeks. This took Christie Cooley off the road until the Fall. Christie then bought a SV650 during this down time and her first race was at the California Speedway in January of 2008.

It was during her second or third practice session when she experienced first highside. While attempting to keep up with the fast paced group, Christie grabbed too much throttle when coming out of a turn. "I rang my bell, had some bruises and the bike needed work, so I opted to not race my first novice race the next day. Christie Cooley" Hence the reason, she cannot remember if this happened during the second or third practice session.

Christie Cooley's First Motorcycle Race

"My first real race was in March 2008, at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, and I came in last behind some Ninja 250s. I was pretty horrible and didn't qualify for the "big kid races." Christie experienced another crash after qualifying 74th among a group of 74 riders. She was determined to develop, though, and continued to race each race weekend and began to get better and faster.

Christie Cooley tells us: "Motorcycling's kind of a macho thing to do. Macho people don't like to admit when they've screwed up. Remember this when listening to above-mentioned "horror stories." Take responsibility for situations where you've made an error in judgment. Be responsible for your own life. Blamers tend to have more problems, and motorcycle blamers tend to have more accidents. People who take responsibility for themselves and their actions are happier, healthier, and just way more bad ass in general."

Christie Cooley's First Championship

Then Christie won a novice championship with WERA which included both men and women riders. Since her auspicious start, Christie has won six championships; one against male competitors and four against female competitors.

According to Christie, "It's been a long, expensive, and dangerous road, one that I'm glad to have survived thus far with my body and my bank account intact. I've had doubters; people who've said I couldn't do it, or said that I didn't have any natural ability. They're somewhat correct about the absence of ability; I've made up for it with hard work and great support from some key partners and friends."

Passed by a Chick? Get Used to It...

When you are into motorsports, you do not like to be passed -— not by anyone! It doesn't matter if it is in the isle of your favorite grocery store, while riding your bicycle, running on your favorite trail, using a treadmill in the gym, riding on the highway and especially on the track. It shouldn't be this way, but it stings a bit more if you are passed by a girl.

"Come on "mane" that's not supposed to happen?! That is just not right..."

Well boys, you better get used to seeing a shapely female figure bent over in front of you. Wait, that did not come out right. What I am trying to say, is that some chicks are faster than some dudes.

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